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LLIGAMS. Més enllà de la joia


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The "Ithaca" series is inspired by Ulysses' famous journey across the Mediterranean Sea to the mythical island; wants to be a metaphor for the meaning of life .... questions like, which is more important the same path or goal? Does the end justify the means? ... They take center stage in this discourse.

The great poet Machado already said "the path is made by walking" and I so or so. Kavafis also picks it up with his poem Ithaca "you have to wish the road was long ... full of adventures .. full of knowledge".

To make this collection I use a male torch (Ulysses) as a guide .... many elements found are enriching the collection (the path / life). It also wants to be a tribute to our sea (Mare Nostrum) that has seen the birth of the culture where we come from ... in short it is a song to life.












This series wants to be a reflection on how we move forward, superimposing layers on our past with a certain nostalgia, trying to reinvent ourselves at every step.















One of the factors that most influences us is our "natural habitat", mine is Barcelona. My city is the sum of wills for centuries and its location, between the mountains and the sea has made us permeable to other cultures.

There are basically three elements that I use to make the "Barcino" series. From one of its mountains (Montjuich) I used Jaspi; since ancient times, their quarries have supplied stones to raise their constructions. Another element is the (octagonal) shape of the blocks of houses, designed by Idelfons Sardá, which characterize Barcelona's Eixample. The third element is the texture of the skin of the hand, a symbol of its inhabitants and wants to be a recognition of the collective contributions for generations.













This series is a tribute to my father, in which I reinterpret some of his pieces, in it I want to refer to my origins and the line of continuity of this profession, which in this case is also family continuity.














This series refers to the expressive power that a caress can have, the hug can say much more than a few words ... it is the non-verbal language, so typical of art, it is talking about emotions of senses and feelings.















One of the things that has most influenced me in life has been my contact with the mountain. Many aspects come together; while walking you see the cycle of nature ... that early flowering, the bird that makes the nest again or the slide of the herd of chamois with the young of the winter.

The deep silence of the snow, the intense blue of the sky or the furious wind of the storm make you believe in the gods and make you return to this sacred temple where friendship becomes religion. It is a space where the senses and feelings are sharpened, a parenthesis of memories opens where time is relative and absolute freedom. Thomas Mann knew how to reflect this feeling in which things happen differently in his great novel, set in the Alps.










… ”Many years ago a good teacher said something that has been very helpful to me; the word "moral" comes from the Latin mos, moris .... which translated means custom. Our certainties are totally relative and circumstantial, over time we will be nothing more than vestiges of a moment in history, alongside the "trilobites" and Roman mosaics. Pride can lead us to the end of the species if we are not able to be more humble and learn to live with each other and with the planet in general. Maybe one day they will dig up a jewel of the ones I make ... and maybe someone will say in a strange language ... vestiges of the 21st century ... and so it must be… if we haven't become extinct before.












It is an attempt to contrast elements, looking for the energy that plays with gravity.






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