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Andrea Coderch

I am a storyteller, day by day I found a way to visualize my thoughts and recordings. Telling stories always means working with fiction or truth, both will offer a great scope, if explored also in the future. 150 days, 150 letters, 150 brooches. Everything for my penpal friend i have never seens.


(Alcoy, 1986). She lives and works in Valencia. She studied Industrial Design specializing in Textile and Accessories at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, during this period she had two scholarships: HNC Graphic Design in Moray College (Elgin, Scotland), and in Aguascalientes (Mexico). Course Bag Design and Communication in Central Saint Martins College (London). During three years, she studied Contemporaneous Jellewery at Alchimia School in Florence (Italy) and she received the diploma of Advanced Jewellery under the tutelage of Peter Bauhuis and Ruudt Peters. From 2010-2012 she has participated in several international exhibitions as Schumck, Gabi Green Gallery ( Munich), Zone Gallery ( Florence), and Joya Barcelona 2011.


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