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Carme Ortiz

My jewellery integrates itself to the person who is wearing it, catching the eye and calling to optimism. Pieces made from noble materials but also recycled materials not very used in the traditional jewellery. These are made with the intention to give more value to the expressiveness of the jewel piece than its material value.


(Barcelona, 1961) She lives and works in Barcelona. Bachelor in Geography and History, specialized in Cultural and Social Anthropology at Universitat of Barcelona, Degree in Library Economics and Documentation at Universitat de Barcelona. Silversmith studies at l’Escola d’Arts I Oficis de la Diptació of Barcelona. She has participated in several individual and group exhibitions. Finalist for the Intenational Prize Enjoia’t 2000 of Contemporary Jewellery, organized by orfebres FAD of Barcelona. Some of her pieces of jewellery have been chosen and exhibited at the stand of Escola d’Arts I Oficis, at Barnajoia and Novajoia in the years, 1997, 1998 and 1999.


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