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Clara del Papa

“Of light and shadows” LIGHT- The white of pickled silver and gold symbolize hope, strength, resilience, forgiveness, love... SHADES- In the black of the natural patina reside suffering, struggle, violence, humiliation... On two colors in perennial contrast, emblems of opposite conditions and attitudes, different concepts are agitated that still seek a synthesis, a recognition. Through images and words, such as those of Simone de Beauvoir, Maya Angelou and other women who have resisted, denounced, fought, the jewels tell fragments of a story intertwining them on canvas and metal to remind us that if we will be able to make our darkness conscious we will return to being figures of light.



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  • Necklace "Somos iguales"
  • Ring "Rio Dorado"
  • Ring "Rio Rojo"
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