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Eugènia Arnavat

Pieces dedicated to women: THEY- They, small, big, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters, special, diverse, different, equal, wonderful, unique, workers, fighters, together, women… This piece is dedicated to all women , is a song to union and unity in diversity, with all due respect for the differential fact of each woman. Together we have the strength to build and move forward in a world in which we have historically been silenced. GLASS MUGRÓ -CUP D- Pieces made with the base of a broken glass cup, a way to recycle and reuse an object, giving it a second life. A cup, a drinking vessel associated with a moment of pleasure, in the size of a bra refers to the volume of the breast. A broken cup, metaphorically a broken breast… These pieces are made thinking of those women who have suffered from breast cancer, and all those people who throughout their lives, for whatever circumstances, have faced face with its fragility… At the same time they tell us about the strength, integrity and greatness that you need to have to overcome it. Cup D alludes to a large breast and a large, nursing nipple, like that of a large mother. Glass nipple. The nipple is a forbidden part of the female body on social media.



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  • Brooch "Mugró de vidre"
  • Necklace "Elles"
  • Pendant "Copa D"
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