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Montse Basora

I like to experiment with all kinds of materials, to discover their expressive potential and to play with textures and colours. I don’t reject any technique; actually sometimes I even invent them. Volume is present in all my jewellery, probably because of my experience in sculpture. At first sight, the pieces seem simple and following an initial more complex idea I try to review them and leave out the anything irrelevant. My latest jewellery are small structures covered by a thin coating of resin, which lets the light go through, making them seem like light and fragile figures.


(Barcelona, 1969). She lives and works in Barcelona. Degree in Optics from Universitat Politècnica of Terrassa (Barcelona). Bachelor of Fine Arts, she specialized in Sculpture at Universitat of Barcelona. Her first contact with jewellery was in 1999 at Escola Oficial de Joiers (JORGS) in Barcelona, and later in a training of Experimental Techniques of Jewellery at Escola Massana in Barcelona, coordinated by Silvia Walz, where she learned new techniques and discovered the jewellery as a means of expression. Since 2009 she is member of Joyas Sensacionales , with which she has had numerous exhibitions.


Interview with Montse Basora in Itineràncies Context:


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  • Brooch "Natura Impossible CX17" Unique piece
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  • Earrings "PSEYT"
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