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Cristina Oriach Jorge Reina

THE CREATIVE PROCESS: The first day was the idea. The second day was the shape. The third day was the texture. The fourth day was the colour. The fifth day was the harmony between the parts. The sixth day was the movement. The seventh day peace came because the piece was already created.


Cristina Oriach (Lleida, 1960), Jorge Reina (Barcelona, 1958). They live and work in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona). Both are self-taught and they decided to make jewels. From the first moment they got colours out of tin, copper and bronce, and later also silver. They specialized in patinas. Patinate takes a long time of research and dedication, but this effort is compensated because of the beauty of its results. In 1990 they established their business ORIACH.REINA and started to export. During all those years they have been participating in fairs in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Milan, Lisbon, Frankfurt and Munich. In 2006 they open a shop and studio in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona).


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