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Metamorphosis - The impeccable design of a simple “slope pressure”, a shape conceived to cover a determined function, it reveals a delicate silhouette evoking a butterfly. Metamorphosis is the abstraction of said form and carried out again by two different procedures, one more rational and the other emotional. In the trades, both procedures, whether cerebral or more sensitive, seen from the point of view of jewelry and ceramics, lead us to paths that meet, being really interesting. What is emotional in the rational and vice versa? . Between the rustic stoneware and the refined porcelain. The mud folds and twists to emulate the original form, then they reproduce forming a chain. A layer of bright pink hides the crudeness and brutality of the material. Butterflies mutate, there is a sudden change naive in appearance Intuitively, the hands model the porcelain that slips, sticks or crack. I just intended to draw these like when I was a child. And you, how did you draw the butterflies?



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  • Brooch "Metamorfosi 03"
  • Necklace "Metamorfosis 01"
  • Necklace "Metamorfosis 02"
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