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Olga Codina Trallero

Völgueta is jewellery made from recycled paper made with newspaper materials, hand-crafted and sundried. I try to promote recycling and the re-useof materials; this is the reason why I work with clean energies such as motor and solar thorough out the creative process of converting paper into jewellery. I also make the distribution using newspaper bags, tetrabriks and reusable boxes.


(Barcelona, 1982). She lives and works in Barcelona.She is a home-made professional. She started her career in 2002 when she created her first piece of jewellery with newspapers under the principles of environmental sustainability. In 2009 she founded the brand Völgueta, and she starts working in the field of recycled jewellery. From 2005 till today, she has participated in numerous Craft Shows and Trade Fairs, International Festivals of Artistic Recycling (CCCB) in Barcelona, and in fashion and art events as the Fashion Freak Festival. Her work has been published in several specialized magazines.


Interview with Olga Codina Trallero in Itineràncies Context:


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