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Charlotte Molenaar (Driebergen-NL)

She mainly textile pieces using modern techniques feltmaking. She like simple and clear shapes (geometric patterns, floral designs) and making use mainly combinations pronounced and well balanced color. To achieve these combinations, she dyed most of the materials at hand. This applies both to her accessories, scarves and hats, as her jewelry. Each piece is made of pure and honest materials: wool, silk and antique fabrics reused.
  • Brooch"Bouquet"
  • Necklace "Big Stone-black"
  • Necklace "Bunch of flowers"
  • Necklace "Flat flowers blue"
  • Necklace "Flat flowers red-purple-fuxia""
  • Necklace "Small flowers thread"
  • Necklace "Small soft stone-black""
  • Necklace "Small soft stone-blue"
  • Necklace "Small soft stone-brown"
  • Necklace "Small soft stone-grey"
  • Necklace "Small stone-grey"
  • Necklace "Small stone-white"
  • Necklace "Tulip Mania"
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