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Eva Girbes

“Impresiones” contains an instant, an encounter, a rhythm. The magic of the gaze leads us to preserve what is precious. With the desire to remain, natural becomes artificial.


(Granada, 1984). She lives and works in Barcelona. Higher Degree in Jewellery and Bachelor’s degree of Scupture at Escola Massana in Barcelona. Artistic studies at Escola Llotja in Barcelona. She has taken several specialized trainings with famous national and international jewellers. She did a workshop in Aswan, Egypt, guided by Ramón Puig Cuyás. She has participated in individual and group exhibitions in Barcelona, Girona, Mallorca, Andorra and Idar Oberstein, Germany. Since 2008 she is member of Joyas Sensacionales, coordinated by Silvia Walz.


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  • Brooch "Impresiones 02"
  • Brooch "Impresiones 03"
  • Brooch "Impresiones 04"
  • Brooch "Primitivo despertar II"
  • Brooch"Primitivo despertar I"
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