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Mònica Fugarolas

Three objects to accompany the desserts. EL DAVANTAL DE LA IAIA PILAR ... the apron of going to the garden to collect green leaves for animals, to lay clothes, to soak dry bread, to harvest cherries, to go to the chicken coop. SRA.POTI POTS .... that pot that served for everything and that was used for what was not used. Patched, dented, squeaky. EL NIERÓ DE CAN CARRERES... it was the same if we had organized the best game in the world. Can Carreres was heaven for us. It was where our imagination when we played, had no limits, neither in time nor in space.
  • Object "El davantal de la iaia Pilar"
  • Object "El Nieró de Can Carreres"
  • Object "Sra. Poti Pots"
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