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Natsumi Kaihara

Once one approaches an essence, it feels like it cuts ones breath, sensing the heart stopping. It’s a noble emotion. When one approaches the shape’s essence, reflexes its sounds and the conscious harmony appears. I don’t hear its sounds, I feel its sounds.


(Tokyo­-Japan, 1982). She lives and works in Barcelona. During childhood, she studied for six years oil painting technique. Completed successfully  a course of Art Clay Silver in Tokyo. In 2008, moved to Barcelona and studied Spanish and Catalan. Later graduated from Short Cycles (Advanced  Vocational Training) in Artistic Jewellery at  Massana Art School in Barcelona. Studied Porcelain Techniques in Pilar Cotter's studio and had work experience in Marc  Monzo’s studio. Since 2013, participated in multiple collective art exhibitions. In 2014 she won the Special Prize of Applied Arts at Escola Massana in Barcelona.


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