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Tomoko Umemoto

Sculpture transforms the space where it influences, it highlights it and it complements it, individualizes and projects in it the character of its inhabitants and at the same time its limitation. My work in jewel format or portable sculpture aims to surpass these spatial limits to place and continuously intervene in any space that the bearer occupies. My inspirations are found in the organic forms that mostly constitute the means to reach a double effect: harmony with the body and counterpoint to the geometry of human spaces.


(Japan, 1974).She lives and works in Barcelona. She studied at Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts of Kyoto, (Japan). She followed Studies of Ceramic at Culture Centre of Osaka (Japan). Jewellery studies at Studio Hands Khoda of Kobe (Japan). She did Sculpture studies at Massana’s Permanent program, and Applied Arts to Sculpture (CFGS) at Escola Massana of Barcelona. Since 1995 she joined several group exhibitions in Barcelona, Girona and Japan. She has given workshops of the Shippou Technique: Japanese enamel.


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