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15/10/2018 a 31/12/2018

Victòria Punsoda

"Jewelers have an office and a technique to execute it, but we must offer different proposals to the public, which attract interest and wake up surprise. There is always a reference or classic that works, but the industrial world allows us to work with more possibilities of materials and tools; to be able to merge them with the jewelery world is a challenge that fascinates me and where I'm turned around. "



speak with the artist:



In 2008 you graduated in Product Design at the Eina School of Barcelona and at the Politecnico di Milano University. What made you interested in the design and creation of jewels?


When finishing the studies in Industrial Design, the truth is that I felt a bit lost. Industrial Design offers you a wide range of possibilities and I did not know how to specialize myself; He only knew clearly that he wanted to pamper the piece from the beginning and work it with his hands until he achieved the final result ...





Participants: Victòria PunsodaPlace: Galeria CONTEXT
Carrer de Viñolas, 8-10 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Bcn)

Some work exhibited


Behind a creative act there is always the view of the artist responsible for it. Becoming aware of their intention helps one to understand and appreciate their work. Itineràncies sets out to be an online/offline space with room for these views and the intention to go beyond what is established.
Itineràncies will regularly present a more complete selection of the work of the Gallery’s artists to help find out about both their career and their latest designs. This space also aims to publicise new ideas in contemporary jewellery from the various groups working in Catalonia and elsewhere.

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