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Lourdes Carmelo

For me, a memory is at first partial and consists of pieces that are constantly joining together until it’s totally constructed. It probably bears little resemblance to reality, but its essence stays within me. Memory blurs the memories and it’s this eagerness not to forget, I reconstruct and patch up the past, little by little, until a story appears which makes me the protagonist of my own life. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember but it’s always easy to reinvent the forgotten.


(Barcelona, 1966). She lives and works in Barcelona. Bachelor of Fine Arts, specialized in Sculpture at Universitat of Barcelona. Graduated in Museums and Education from Universitat of Barcelona. She studied Contemporary Jewellery at Escola Massana in Barcelona. She has taken several workshops with prestigious national and international jewellers. Her work has been shown in several galleries and museums and she has participated in several individualand group exhibitions. Finalist of Enjoia’t 2003 Prize, organized by Orfebres FAD (Barcelona), and the SmS Gallery competition in Legnica (Poland). In 2012 she won the price Prade (Germany). Her work has been published in the book “Anillos 500 creaciones artísticas de todo el mundo” of Nicolas Estrada. Since 2008 she is member of Joyas Sensacionales, group coordinated by the artist Silvia Walz.


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