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Núria Anguren

Conceptual jewellery. Intimate pieces telling stories from around de world. A look, small sculptures, architectures… a small path of communication.


(Constantí-Tarragona, 1980). She lives and works in Tarragona. Bachelor of Fine Arts at University of Barcelona. Higher degree in Sculpture at Escola Massana in Barcelona, and Artistic Jewellery at Escola d'Art in Tarragona EADT, where she currently teaches Jewellery Projects. She has taken courses in specialized jewellery techniques at Taller Perill in Barcelona. Her work has been shown in several exhibitions in Barcelona, Tarragona, València and Mallorca, and she has coordinated jewellery exhibitions in the Sala Kesse ofthe Town Hall of Tarragona, and in Escola d'Art of the Diputació of Tarragona. She is member of Joyas Sensacionales ,group coordinated by the artist Silvia Walz.


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